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LED Encupsulation--Shenzhen Jingrui Opto Co.,Ltd

      After several years of growing, we already have our own RD Deparment with tremendous strength and good quality for mobile and LED lighting. And we have modernize machine and equipment and skillful workers. Meanwhile, we also cooperate with famous universties and institutes for more achivements and to lead the LED technology.

      LED chips are produce by our branch company located in Shenzhen--Shenzhen Jinrui Photoelectric CO.,LTD. 

金源照明   金源照明

Chip fixed equipment                                                            Wired wquipment

金源照明   金源照明

Ligh powder equipment                                                        Oven equipment

金源照明   金源照明

Sorting equipment                                                                      Braiding equipment

      Shenzhen Jinrui Photoelectric is one of the leading LED lighting enterprises, the high lumen, high efficiency, low luminous decay technology have been value by national and international buyers.

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